Painting: Royal Typewriter
Painting: Fan GE Sideways
Painting: Mandarines
Painting: Radishes
Painting: Maryland Drydock Pier
Painting: Aqua I on Canton Pier
Painting: Canton Coal Pier - Car Dump House
Painting: Jackson Squared
Painting: Jackson Puffed Up
Painting: Gentle Hen
DC Transit E Capitol and 8th

Brightly colored oil paintings of urban scenery, nostalgic transportation and strong-willed women, are some of the recurrent images in Charlene Clark’s artwork. This self-taught painter refers to her style as “anti-academic impressionism”.

“There is an abundance of potent memories inside my head...  read more

Hunka Munka!
Take a gander at Charlene’s blog, Hunka Munka.